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It’s summer time, which means it’s travel time. J and I are headed to Florida a the end of next month, but I use these tips and tricks even when I’m headed home to Dallas. So, I wanted to share my best travel tips, including my CHEAP FLIGHT hack that you need. If you’re leaving your house ever again, you want to keep reading so you can travel like a seasoned globe trotter.

flight deals

Let’s start off with finding flights because it’s usually step one to traveling. I’ve signed up for subscription services in the past that send me flight deals, but they were never tailored to what airports I would be flying out of.

Enter Penny Pincher Flights. Two girl bosses started up an amazing subscription service that only sends you flights for the departing airports you choose. I’ve been signed up for a couple weeks and have already received a bunch of amazing deals like Denver for $105 and Turks and Caicos for $280. Each email tells you all the important details like how to book, which airline the deal is for, and trip activity inspiration. The subscription cost breaks down to less than $3 a month, so it’s a travel tip no brainer. Click HERE for more info.

roll it up

It gets reallllllyyy old when you’re traveling and open up your bag and everything is wrinkled. Or when you have to strategically pack things that you know won’t wrinkle. But I’ve been using this wrinkle-free, space saving hack for a while. Roll up your clothes. I separate everything by outfit and fold in the arms of my top or dress and roll it up with everything I’m going to wear with that outfit, even the undies. It’s a major space saver and helps you plan out your outfits ahead of time.

lovely luggage

This might be a no brainer, but it has taken me a while to find the perfect luggage depending on the trip. You’ve probably seen me use my Vera Bradley duffel bag a lot. It’s perfect for weekend trips to Dallas, but it’s not the easiest to lug around the airport. After our trip to St. Louis, I swore I wasn’t using the duffel bag for flights anymore and J was totally okay with that since I usually get him to carry it for me. I recently picked up this hard shell carry on luggage and I LOVE it. *p.s. it’s currently 50% off. First, the color is so gorgeous and pretty luggage makes me feel like someone important. Anyone else feel the same? But it’s also super easy because it has 4 wheels. You can also get it in a set that is also on major sale. So no more throwing my bag over my shoulder to hike through the airport. HOLLA.

accessory overload

Another way I make sure I pack light-ish is by taking a bunch of accessories. Take clothing that you can mix and match and use accessories to make your outfits different. 5 pairs of earrings are a lot lighter than 5 complete outfits. I usually fill a jewelry bag full of all my go to pieces and lay them out on the table at the hotel.

head to toe

For me, a neck pillow is a travel game changer. I can’t live without one. Order one before you hit the airport because they hike up the prices like there’s diamonds hiding in those things. Another tip, pick your shoes wisely. For me, I hate having to sit there and untie my sneakers, walk through security, and then put them back on. I will almost always wear my Jack Roger sandals or my Vans because they are super easy to get off and on.

YAY for travel tips! Keep this travel tips post pinned to your travel board so when you are getting vacay-ready, you will rock the whole travel thing.



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