year two

Hey y’all! It’s been a hot minute since there has been a blog post, but there’s no better time to make a comeback! Today J and I are celebrating year TWO of marriage. Last year I shared a whole q+a of our first year. But this year, I thought I’d do a little highlight reel of the good, bad, and ugly of year two.

year two

We attended a lot of weddings. It’s so fun to see a lot of our friends getting married and who doesn’t love a good wedding?

Had lots of fun in Dallas, as usual. Going home is sweeter every time because I feel like we’ve been away for so long. p.s. don’t mind the awkward, alcohol induced photo below. Sometimes Dallas is too good to us.

We went to Las Vegas for the first time! We were a hot mess the whole time because we were sick, but it was still so fun. I think year three will call for another Vegas trip. If I’m lucky.

We saw some really good concerts. We saw Chris Stapleton at Choctaw and it was sooooo good. Also, we got drenched in swear and rain when we saw Miranda Lambert.

One of the funniest moments over the past year was Valentine’s Day. J made TWO casseroles of my favorite dish (why did we need two???). Just to back it up, he is a total butterfingers sometimes. So, he’s taking the second dish out of the oven, gets all excited, and drops it. Then proceeds to try and scoop it all up. Literally so funny and just a good reminder, not everything is always perfect. *** I can’t make this up. I wrote this and J came in and dropped a glass on the ground. POINT PROVEN.***

Thank y’all for sticking around to watch Jackson and I grow into whatever this hot mess dynamic is. (: It’s so cheesy, but we love sharing this with y’all! Here’s to year two and cheers to year three!



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