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Happy Monday y’all! Anyone wish they could press rewind and just have one more day to relax? Same, girl, same. Honestly, I’m wishing I was back in St. Louis hanging out with family. You probably saw me romping around the ‘Show Me State’ on Instagram stories and I’m so excited to share my in-depth guide to St. Louis for all my favorite spots.

It’s funny because St. Louis might not be your first thought for a weekend trip or vacation, but it has so much to offer. I’ve grown up visiting family there so I’ve definitely found my favorite spots and there’s truly so much to do. It was so fun because I got to play tour guide for the weekend since J had never been.

*but he has been the the airport, which he literally told everyone that he chatted with. *

Anyways, below I’m sharing a list of my favorite must-see spots, restaurants, and of course the ONLY place you should stay during your visit in my guide to St. Louis.

insta-worthy, must see spots
  1. the Arch// if you’re a first time visitor, this is a no brainer. You can visit the museum on ground level, but you get the full experience if you take the tram to the top. It’s such a cool experience and you can literally see everything from that spot.
  2. lafayette square// it’s a gorgeous square park lined with the coolest antique row homes you’ve ever seen. There’s shops and restaurants right off the square too, so make an afternoon of it.
  3. botanical garden// J and I didn’t make it over there this time, but I’ve been there before and it puts every other arboretum or garden to shame. It’s so gorgeous and there are so many perfect photo op spots.
  4. cardinal game// okay this one is actually on my list because I’ve never been, but does it count if I saw it from the Arch? Visiting different stadiums is so fun and the view from Busch Stadium is amazing.
  5. brewery tours// So many breweries are popping up everywhere, and STL is no different. You can go old-school and visit the Anhueser Busch brewery or new school and head over to 4 Hands.
the Arch
view from the top of the Arch
lafayette square
favorite St. Louis eats
  1. Zia’s// If you eat nothing else, eat an order of toasted ravioli. BOMB. Anything you order is amazing.
  2. Kaldi’s Coffee// They have a couple locations throughout St. Louis, but we walked to their City Garden location. The food is soooo good and the coffee is even better. Plus, the view and atmosphere is A+.
  3. FORM Skybar// For the best drinks and the best views, this is your spot. The decor, drinks, and views can’t be beat.
  4. Fitz’s//They’ve been making craft sodas for a really long time, and they’ve perfected the art. It’s like a brewery for sodas and the food is amazing.
breakfast at Kaldi’s
the best hotel in St. Louis
record player in every room at the Hotel Saint Louis

Let me start by saying, I’m not paid to say any of this. Let me also say, I’ve never experienced a hotel stay like my weekend at the Hotel Saint Louis. If you take nothing away from this guide to St. Louis, remember this is the place to stay when you’re in town.

Literally, no detail was left undone in every situation in that magical hotel. It was built in the 1800’s *wut* and the current owners restored it, so it’s a perfect mix of modern with the original, and oh so charming architecture.

Also, HOLY HOSPITALITY. Brian works at the front desk and is literally an expert on the hotel. He spend time after his shift to show J and I the level of detail and the most amazing stories behind every inch of the hotel.

this was our room y’all

I saved my videos of the room tour to my Instagram highlights because the room was amazing. Like a total goof, I didn’t take a lot of photos, but the toilet with heated seats, bathroom mirror with a tv, and record player are just a few stand outs in our room.

courtesy of

J and I explored every inch of Hotel Saint Louis and died over all of it. The rooftop pool is amazing and it’s right across from their rooftop bar that has the coolest view of the city. Along with the yummiest cocktails and food.

rooftop pool at Hotel Saint Louis

Also, can we talk about how amazing my hair looked after I visited the salon in the hotel?! I already felt like royalty getting my hair done and then a lady walks up to me and starts saying how my hair looks so good, sits down and starts getting her hair done. Normal right? Nope, it was casually just the owner of the hotel talking to ME and getting her hair done. That’s when you know it’s good. I mean that place is like one big family and I seriously felt a part of it that weekend.

Okay, I know this post was long, but I feel like you should totally be booking your weekend trip to STL after this. Plus, you know all the best spots now. I hope y’all love the Gateway City as much as I do and my guide to St. Louis will come in handy!

I’m going to be sharing all the outfits I wore during our trip right here.



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