star studded trend

I can’t even talk about this trend without singing “Star Boy” in my head. Am I the only one? But don’t worry y’all, I pushed through to chat about this star studded trend. I’m sure by now you can guess what it is, but the star print trend is what it’s all about right now. So, I wanted to share how I style it and a handful of pieces that take on the star studded trend.

I won’t lie, I usually wouldn’t wear stars on anything because it always feels too 4th of July to me. However, once I started seeing star print on brighter and lighter colors, it became less patriotic and more fun and eclectic. Not that I don’t like to be patriotic, but y’all know what I mean.

I styled this star studded trend with a fun, lightweight sweater and my favorite denim skirt that’s on sale and size inclusive. It’s such an easy outfit for fun times like errands, brunch, or your fav springtime activities.

My sweater apparently doesn’t exist on the internet because I looked literally everywhere. Like got 7 pages deep into Google where things start getting weird. That’s how hard I looked. I got it at Blu Spero, so if you’re local to any of their stores, maybe pop in and they’ll have it. If not, I linked super similar pieces that get the job done just as well.

*this star sweater and this star sweater are the most similar, but I’m sharing even more below*

I shared my snake print espadrilles in this spring shoe post and y’all, I can’t wear them enough. They are comfortable enough to wear all day and they are just so fun. Plus, the colors are so neutral that you can pair them with just about anything!

And my accessories are Amazon Prime finds! Here’s my David Yurman dupe bracelet and my super fun $20 spring bag!

so snag yourself a star studded trend piece and live your best trendy gal life.



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