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Y’all, I barely survived the Instagram blackout yesterday, but I feel like I had a good reason. I was dying to share this springtime romper with y’all. So I can justify acting like a crazy lady about a freaking app, right???? But, good things come to those that wait because it was almost completely sold out in regular and plus sizes yesterday. Today, it’s been restocked. HOLLA. So, now that I’m done foaming at the mouth to share this darling springtime romper. HERE SHE IS. And cuter than ever.

If you aren’t convinced that you need this springtime romper in your life, we can’t be friends. Just kidding, kinda. But y’all it’s that good. And I consider myself an expert in the romper category because in college it was like my signature look. Anywho, I want to share some details on why this springtime romper checks off all the boxes for me.

the details
  1. The colors. I mean you can’t really capture spring anymore, than with floral and polka dots. I’m not usually one to pick out something green, but this color is so vibrant and makes this romper a showstopper. Any neutral accessories work, which makes it super versatile. I paired it with my nude wedges and cork clutch. However, if you have a pair of black sandals laying around, they would pair perfectly too.
  2. The details. Y’all know I love me some good details and this springtime romper kills it. It has the sweetest little collar (that you can’t really see through all my hair), and the buttons all the way down are so fun. They all unbutton so you could even undo the top one and have a lace bralette showing. The fabric goes past the buttons though, so you don’t have to worry about anything showing through the gaps.
  3. The fit. I love how it’s fitted in the waist to give some shape, but the shorts are looser because nothing is worse than picking out your romper every 5 seconds. I know from experience. It’s easy to get on and off, which is huge.

As for accessories, anything goes. I’m linking some really good ones that I think would be perfect with this springtime romper. Also, do yourself a favor and get these wedges. I will be living in them all spring and summer long. They come in four colors and are under $70.

J and I are headed to Dallas over the weekend, as usual. But I’ll be sharing some weekend sale details right here tomorrow so stay tuned. Also, you can always stalk me on the gram for outfit details and other things.




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