valentine’s gifts for guys

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day and it seriously snuck up on us. I have a really fun weekend planned for J and I, that I can’t wait to share with y’all. Valentine’s Day has always been special for us and I’m going to do a whooollleee post on that for y’all next week! But for now, these are the 7 gifts you need to get your guy. These are the valentine’s gifts for guys that are so unique, personal, and thoughtful.

the gifts

the cigar cutter

This is the perfect gift for the guy who has everything. J’s guys nights always include cigars, so this would be the perfect gift. I mean how legit will he look whipping this out at the cigar bar?

bbq fork thermometer

Every guy deserves to feel like a total grill master. And every grill master needs this two-in-one tool. Perfect for all the delicious steaks and yummies he can cook up for you on the grill!

leather charging wallet

The perfect solution to “Oh sorry I didn’t call you, my phone died”. (and the monogramming is the cherry on top) Not that J ever says that because if his battery gets below 40% he freaks. But I’m the opposite. I like to live life on the edge, aka on 5%.

mizzen + main dress shirt

This is the ultimate shirt for your business boy. This brand prides themselves on machine washable shirts and being wrinkle resistant. So that means no more ironing for you, if that’s your thing.

dart board

You can’t get more “Man Cave” than a dart board! Even if your man doesn’t have a full-blown man cave, carve out a little piece of the house for this baby and make him feel like a king.

temperature control mug

Whether your man works from home or kicks his feel up at the office, he probably drinks coffee. He’ll be the coolest guy in the cubicles with this Ember mug that regulates heat. Yes, that means his coffee will never get cold. This is the gift that he never knew he needed, until now.

patagonia pull over

If you have a casual guy in your life, he needs this. Honestly, it’s a two-for-one gift because you’ll want to steal it. I wear J’s all the time. It is amazing quality, so soft and cozy, and under $100.

I know buying for a guy isn’t always the easiest. So, hopefully this makes gift giving a little easier! I honestly love any excuse to spoil J and know your man will love these too!

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