winter transition tips

It’s that weird time of year when it’s still cold, but I’m still so ready for spring and everything that comes with it. Despite the weather, I’m still transitioning my wardrobe little by little. It’s taken me a long time to get the hang of it, so I’m sharing my two biggest, fool-proof winter transition tips for your closet to make life a little easier.

  1. utilize color: my favorite part of transitioning from winter to spring and summer is color. I realized that I usually wear more neutral sweaters during the winter, so in order to take them into spring I needed to add in some color. I’m layered up in rich, deep colors, in the winter, but springtime rolls around and you can switch out your heavy burgundy scarf for a pair of colored jeans to go with that neutral sweater you’re sporting. Maybe you wear color year round and just need to switch up your bright sweaters for springtime. A good , colorful cardigan was missing from my wardrobe so I snagged this cardigan that I’m really in love with. The colors are so good for any season, and I can wear it now with long sleeves and into spring with a simple cami. Instead of layering for winter, transition the sweater to spring with a pair of white jeans and open-toe booties. Lighter color accessories, light-weight scarves, and brighter patterns are all perfect way to incorporate color without breaking the bank. It’s the easiest way to take your sweaters and winter gear from winter to spring.
sweaters and cardigans for now and later

2. take the trends: notice how some trends stay strong from season to season? That’s your golden ticket for your winter transition. A leopard sweater, velvet tops, lace blouse, all things that were trendy in winter and perfect for a winter transition. My biggest advice: if you feel like you don’t have a lot of good “season-less” pieces that you can wear whenever, buy now. Lot’s of stores are still having sales and still coming out with long sleeve tops and other pieces that are perfect for now and later. Like this velvet top I’m wearing. I shared it on a try-on in December, and will wear it now with a cardigan. I’ll wear it all the way into spring with skirts, denim, and eventually shorts before hanging it up until the fall rolls around.

on sale items for now and later

3. shoes, shoes, and shoes: Y’all know I love a good pair of shoes and they are the key to my last winter transition tip. Switching out your riding boots for a pair of springtime wedges can make a world of a difference in your outfit. The key is to pick a pair that doesn’t show off your whole foot. Instead, rock a pair of peep toe booties, or wedges that cover a little more. I think it just makes more sense with your outfit if you don’t go full summer wedge with a sweater. A ton of people love the Marc Fisher wedges that look similar to mine, but wide feet probs. However, these Steve Madden’s are my absolute fav. They are comfortable and aren’t as narrow as the Marc Fisher’s. They are definitely my most worn shoe through spring and summer. p.s. just in time for spring, the marc fisher’s I’m sharing below are under $60 and almost sold out so grab a pair while you can!

After this how can you not have the spring time bug? use my winter transition tips to take your wardrobe into the sweetest season of all. I’m going to be sharing more outfits that use my winter transition tips on Instagram in the next couple weeks. So, if you aren’t following along, you can right here!



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