the best Christmas cookies ever.

These are hands down, my very favorite Christmas cookies ever. They are a must-have every season and I just had to share it with y’all. Just think of it as my gift to you. So, enjoy and bake my raspberry thumbprint cookies like crazy.

I have to give my mom all the credit because we’ve been baking these cookies since I was little and now I make them religiously around the holidays. They’re a perfect addition to any dessert spread.

These cookies are always a hit with everyone, but if you aren’t a big raspberry fan you can totally swap it out for another fruit jam. Also, just know the dough isn’t going to form like it does usually with cookie dough. You’re going to have to mold it into little balls, but don’t worry, they’ll come out perfectly. Also, because these are thumbprint cookies, get dirty and use your thumb. I feel like it’s the best part of the whole baking process.

Enjoy y’all! And tag me in your stories and posts if you make these.



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