winter layers

What a perfect time to share how I love layering up for wintertime! It finally got below 50 this morning, so I would say we’re in full winter mode in Houston. Until tomorrow when it’s sunny and 75. Oh, good old Texas weather. Anywho, when it finally gets chilly outside, I love to layer up. So, i’m sharing my go-to winter layers this season and how you can layer up and stay stylish.

Another perk of layering, it makes it so easy to mix and match outfits at home and on vacation when you layer the same items in a different way.

winter layers

I realize that people from all over the country and world read this, so I know you’re probably laughing that my winter gear includes a jean jacket. I know, our winters are nothing compared to a lot of other places, but I’m sharing items that you can layer with no matter how intense your winter gets.

  1. the sweater dress. I love starting my winter layers with a good sweater dress. Even if you end up taking off your coat and scarf, you can still stay cozy and look gorgeous with a good sweater dress. I love the one I’m wearing from Socialite because it’s lightweight, yet warm. Also, the neutral colors are perfect, so it will go with just about everything.


2. the jacket. Today I was just wearing my favorite jean jacket, but when it gets colder I’ll swap it out for my winter coat that is amazing. Depending on the weather, you can wear something light like a cardigan on top of your sweater dress or a trendy teddy coat would be a perfect layering piece. p.s. most of these coats below are on major sale. 


3. the accessories. I love me a good winter accessory. Right now, my Garter and Give hat is my favorite, but I also love really anything cozy. The multicolored stripe scarf looks so winter wonderland and the leopard trapper hat is so fun and under $15.


4. the boots. These are the over-the-knee boots I snagged when JCPenney was having their big sale and they are seriously good for only being $21. They’re currently sold out, but I’m sharing other boots and booties perfect for your winter layers. The hiking boot trend is really big right now too, and I found these on super sale tonight.


So, besides making your life a lot easier and looking super cute while doing it, winter layers can be so easy. The less you think about it, the better you’ll probably look. Just layer to your hearts desire and you’ll look effortlessly chic.



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