how to shop keeping it caitlin – holiday edition

It’s time. November 1st means it’s officially the holiday season and I’m so ready y’all. I can’t believe this is my second holiday season with Keeping It Caitlin, time flies! This year, I’m so excited to be covering everything from gift guides to pretty present tutorials! As we kick this wonderful season off, I wanted to share some info on how to shop keeping it caitlin – holiday edition. 

First off, this guide will be under the holiday tab for reference so you can come back for a refresher course anytime you need. Second, if there is anything you want to see on the blog, reach out and let me know. I seriously love getting feedback from y’all.

The first way you can always shop is through the blog. So you’ve come to the right place! If you scroll up just a tad, you can see the holiday tab I’ve added. There are a couple drop downs for easy access to different gift guides I’ll be posting, but if you just click holiday, you’ll find everything I’ve posted. I’ll be adding items to each guide all the way up to Christmas so check back often! The blog is the going to be your one stop shop for keeping it caitlin – holiday edition.

Search. If you are looking for something in particular, utilize the search bar on my blog. This way you can find exactly what you need in a pinch.

The app is a serious game-changer. Every time you see me post a gift guide on Instagram, you can like or screenshot that picture to shop every item in the gift guide instantly. If you ever see that little circle icon in the bottom right corner of a picture, it’s shoppable. It’s super convenient and I’ll be sharing exclusive holiday content on there too. P.S. I’m not sure if shoppable is even a word, but it is now.

Post notifications will come in serious handy to make sure you aren’t missing anything this holiday season. Go to Instagram, go to my profile, click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner, and then hit turn on post notifications. Now, you’ll get a notification when I post so you won’t miss out on anything.


I can’t wait to share all the good things this holiday season with y’all and I hope this helped show how to shop keeping it caitlin – holiday edition! Thank you for trusting me to be your go-to gift girl, y’all are amazing!



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