perfect work shirt

Let me just start by saying, if you are a working girl, this is the perfect work shirt for you. Even if you’re like me and don’t have to dress up everyday, it’s always good to have a professional shirt just in case. There’s one thing that makes this top so different, and I bet you would never guess, but I’m sharing below. The icing on the cake, this top is on major sale. Buy one, get one for less than $10.

I’ve never had a button-up shirt because I’ve never found one that wasn’t super restricting. Every time I tried one on, I felt like I couldn’t raise my arms or I was going to bust right out. Anyone else felt that way?  If I did find one that fit correctly, I hated that it would look bulky tucked into skirts or pants.

Enter this top. It’s a freaking bodysuit, y’all. And WAIT, don’t click away because you don’t think you can wear a bodysuit because you totally can. This bodysuit is a game changer. It buttons all the way down like a normal shirt, but the bottom portion is spandex. That extra stretch makes this bodysuit so comfortable and you never have to worry about your shirt unraveling or busting out of this top. The bodysuit is full coverage too which is nice and the snaps are super sturdy.

Professional clothing isn’t really my thing, but I just had to try this top out when I saw it. I don’t have any other button up shirts and don’t need them often, but when it comes time to look really put together, I’m always at a loss. Now I’ve got this comfortable, yet total boss babe top in my arsenal. Thankfully, it comes in a bunch of colors and is truly the perfect work shirt.

Even if you aren’t in a professional setting, you can totally rock this top as an easy basic with jeans on the weekend. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to show up for a total boss babe moment.

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