fall shoe roundup

I took forever on this post because I wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible. Why? Because I take my shoes seriously. Shoes are honestly my favorite thing to shop for. Over the years, I have narrowed down the types of shoes I buy for fall and winter through trial and error. That goes for brands, styles, materials, seriously everything. So, below I’m sharing what I look for and what I would highly recommend in my fall shoe roundup.


The Riding Boot

Ah, the classic riding boot. They have been pretty trendy the past few years, but they are a serious fall shoe staple. They are my go-to’s to wear with leggings and dresses in the cooler months. I look for something sturdy and durable when I’m looking for the perfect riding boot. Yes, I love when things are inexpensive, but I have learned that quality goes a long way with boots. Nothing is worse than stepping in a puddle or the snow in your new riding boots and instantly ruining them. I found my riding boots a couple years ago and can’t recommend them enough. They are from bedstu’s Cobble Series, so the whole shoe is completely handmade, and it’s so obvious. They are amazingly well made, look and feel sooo expensive, and are worth every penny. pro tip: if you have genuine leather boots and they get a little tight on your feet, put them on and blow dry them for a few minutes to relax the leather.

The Neutral Bootie

Every fall I look for the perfect neutral bootie. I look for the perfect color that will go with anything I wear, I search for a quality shoe that will last, and I always keep it under $100. This year I found my perfect booties at Nordstrom Rack. I would of never picked them if I was just scrolling through their site, but tried them on when I was in store and fell in love. The mushroom color is the perfect gray, taupe color that will go with black or brown. They are ultra comfortable and I love the scoop detail on the front to give it a unique look. pro tip: Find a style that you know you’ll wear a lot. Whether it’s a riding boot, heeled bootie, or flat bootie. You want your neutral shoe to go with literally everything.



The Heeled Boot

Having a heeled boot/bootie is a big part of my fall shoe roundup each year. When I was younger, I would wear them out on the weekends, and as I got older, it’s what I now wear to work and date nights. Oh, how times have changed. A heeled boot or bootie is perfect for dressing up a simple outfit or if you just like having the height. My heeled boots are from a couple years ago and I have worn the life out of them. I think this season is their last because I have put them through a lot. I love them because the block heel is easy to wear and it’s a natural color so my shoe isn’t completely black. It makes it more versatile, to me. pro tip: Find a heeled boot/bootie that has a block heel. It makes it way easier to wear all day and is super flattering on everyone.


The Casual Sneaker

I bought my casual sneaks last year for our trip to New York, which I can’t even believe was almost one year ago. They held up like champs, especially for the price, and I will be wearing them all fall and winter long. A casual sneaker is now a must have in my fall shoe roundup just because they are so easy to wear with everything and can actually elevate a look. Sneakers are super trendy right now so you can go as simple or as glam as you want, which I love. I wore mine with this perfect fall outfit a couple weeks ago and y’all loved it. pro tip: Don’t splurge on something that won’t withstand the elements. Nothing is worse than dropping $75 on a new pair of sneakers only to step in something and they’re ruined. You can find really cute ones on a budget and you can also find more expensive, quality ones that are waterproof, it just depends on what fits your budget.


The Pop

I LOVE the pops. The pops are that crazy, a little out there, unique, or unexpected shoe or boot that is trendy for the season. Maybe it’s a color you don’t normally pick out, it could be a fun animal print, or a new style you haven’t tried before. It’s that seasonal shoe that is a game changer in your closet. This season, mine are these babies. They are straight up Valentino dupes and I am in love with them. (if you couldn’t already tell.) The “pop” is the trendy, unexpected shoe in my fall shoe roundup and they are usually my favorites. Last fall, these flats were my pop. Statement makers to the max. pro tip: Don’t worry about your “pop” shoe matching everything, BUT make sure it matches something. If you’re worried about not having something to wear with your pop shoe, I would suggest an animal print. It’s super easy to add a snake print pop with a black dress and jean jacket. Don’t overthink it. Have fun with it.


The Flat

I totally get it. Flats aren’t for everyone. For me, they are a must-have in my fall shoe roundup. Why? Because having a sweet little flat to go with my leather leggings and oversized sweater is perfection. Also, having them for work is a necessity. My favorite part about flats, besides the comfort level, is they can be as fun or as simple as you want. Y’all have seen me wear my leopard flats a million times, but they are just that good. Use your flats to add some spice to a simple outfit or to add a little chic to your weekend errand outfit. pro tip: If you’re looking to invest in a pair of flats for work and weekend wear, I highly recommend the Felicia flat from Sam Edelman, as you can see I’ve worn mine to death. They are what everyone in the retail industry wears because they are chic and actually comfortable. Just food for thought.


I hope this guide helped you narrow down what you really need in your own fall shoe roundup. Trust me, I know it’s hard not to buy every cute bootie in sight, but if you stick to what you will really wear and need, your wallet will thank you. If you end up buying any shoes from this post, let me know! I love seeing y’all wear pieces that I share.



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