weekend styled sweaters

Give yourself a big pat on the back y’all. We made it to Friday. Wooh. This post was doing it’s very best to not get up on the blog, but dang it I’m determined to share these weekend styled sweaters with y’all. Determined as in tried to take pictures and it was so humid, the camera wouldn’t stop fogging up. Hot mess. But hey, these sweaters are soooo worth it. They’re under $50, super versatile, and soft as all get out. So I’m styling them for all the best fall weekend activities so you look gorgeous from the hayrides to the Halloween fun.

sweet stripes

This sweet, striped, lightweight, sweater is seriously perfect for fall. It runs true to size and can we just talk about the gorgeous colors?! They are so unexpected for fall, but fit right in. It’s always fun to do something a little different, especially when you find a unique sweater. I always pull towards the usual white and burgundy sweater for fall, but branched out with this one and I’m so glad I did.

I’m wearing this cozy sweater with the overall dress I wore way back in the spring, but it’s fall perfection with all the weekend styled sweaters. I’ve had these Steve Madden sneaks for a while, but I’m linking three similar ones below.


classic combo

How could I not style this classic combo? Olive and cheetah is like peanut butter and jelly, seriously. When fall rolls around, this combo is my go-to when I’m planning my weekend styled sweaters. Y’all already know my love for this sassy dress, but I love how this cozy, knit sweater tones it down.¬†This sweater is under $4o, fully in stock, and comes in SIX colors. Can I get an amen!





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