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It seems like it’s forever wedding season nowadays. Maybe I’m just at “that age” where so many of our friends are tying the knot, but I’m totally not complaining. I love a good wedding and I love getting to dress up for all the sweet ceremonies. So, I’m sharing the details of the dress I wore to a wedding last weekend and some honorable mentions. Along with some pretty honorable mentions all under $100.

dress. earrings. similar shoes and another amazing similar pair. similar bag. bracelet.

I saw this dress online and instantly was an ‘add to cart’ moment, especially after I saw the price. I haven’t shopped at Macy’s in forever, but it’s definitely back on my radar. How could it not be after this sweet number?!

First, it’s got the perfect fall colors. I love the color blocking and the colors are just so rich. Second, the pleating. I’m a sucker for pleats and this is a twirl-worthy number. The fabric is thick and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about the pleats wrinkling or having to wear anything underneath.

Speaking of underneath, you honestly don’t even need Spanx with this swing dress number. I wore Spanx with it last weekend, but it’s so roomy, you could totally get away with regular undies. If the swing dress style isn’t flattering on you, add a belt to cinch in your waist. I recommend a fun leopard belt or a thick logo belt to keep it trendy.

As a wedding guest, remember where you’re going and who the star of this special occasion is. *hint, it ain’t you this time.¬†Unless the bride specifically asks otherwise, do not wear any shade of white, cream, super light pink, or anything that could look like white. It’s so rude and people will judge. Trust me.

Stick to the dress code. If they have a dress code on their website or invitation, your wedding guest dress needs to be appropriate for that dress code. If you needs inspo, head to Pinterest or this article really breaks it down.

Finally, here are all my picks for the best wedding guest dress for all dress codes. Happy wedding season y’all.


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