what i’m shopping for

Does anyone else never stop shopping? Whether I’m in a store shopping, online shopping from my phone, or just mindlessly thinking of things I want to buy next, I’m always shopping. I can’t be the only one right? So, just to get an inside look inside my brain and cart, I’m sharing what I’m shopping for right now.

Funny story, J and I were watching Intervention last night and he was acting out how I would be if I had an Intervention for my shopping “addiction”. I wish I recorded it, but he said something about, “I just get weak in the knees when I get to the dressing room because I know if I try it on and it doesn’t fit I won’t be able to buy it. So I just buy it.” He isn’t completely wrong. If you’ve seen videos of J before you know this was way funnier in person. I’m not doing a very good job of relaying the story. It was funny. That’s all. Actually, J is so funny that I have a whole ‘married life‘ highlight on my Instagram.

Okay back to what you really came here for. What I’m shopping for currently.

statement booties: I have my eyes on a pair of simple, staple booties I’ll wear all season, but I want a pair of less expensive, statement booties to wear occasionally. I’m trying to decide which pair, but these are the ones I’m loving so far.

plaid something: I’m liking the plaid trend in small doses. Let’s get real, I’m not fully committed to the private school, plaid, pleated skirt look, but I found a couple pieces. I’m loving this skirt and it’s under $30 so you might just see it in a post soon.

home decor: Do I ever stop shopping for my house? The answer is no. It’s always what I’m shopping for. Right now, J and I want to spruce up the guest bedroom with new bedding and a new rug. So I’m looking everywhere for something pretty and on sale. Here’s what I’ve found.

sweaters: I am so ready to actually wear sweaters. Until then, I’ll just be adding to my cart. My rule of thumb: the chunkier the better.

statement earrings: I can never get enough, so it’s always what I’m shopping for. The bigger, the better. Thank goodness a bunch of these are on sale because I never want to pay over $30 for earrings.

*I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now. 



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