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Remember when designer dupes were first super cool? I totally remember my first “Chanel” purse that was black and white quilted. It was perfection, but went even better with my knock-off Chanel diamond earrings and bracelet.

Don’t worry, designer dupes have made their comeback and they’re honestly better than ever. Every season there is a new “it” piece that every trendy person is wearing. Whether it’s the Chloe saddle bag or the Gucci belt, statement designer pieces are everywhere.

But for us normal folks that can’t afford to be head-to-toe designer (yet), I’ve rounded up some of my favorite designer dupes, tips for buying dupes, and the real deals to show you just how much you can save. Or spend, whatever floats your boat.

I bought all my pieces off Amazon because I didn’t want to risk buying from a sketchy website and something happening with my info or shipping. Plus, prime shipping. duh.

I would seriously recommend only shopping from websites you know are reliable. If you aren’t familiar with the site, do a little digging. A simple Google search is the easiest way to find out if a website is reputable or not. Chances are if the website is fake, someone will have a review or warning on the internet letting you know.


the chloe bag: It seriously is a dead ringer for the actual chloe bag I linked below. The same shape, hardware, even the charm on the handle is the same. On the real deal, it has the Chloe logo on the front bottom part and that’s the only thing that makes it different. The real Chloe also comes in different colors than the dupes, but you would have to be around some serious designer snobs for anyone to notice that. P.S. you can see how I styled the bag here too.

gucci belt: It runs true to size and looks amazing for being a dupe. The “logo” is perfectly weathered and looks way more expensive than it actually is. If you’re worried about sizing, it comes with a little tool that punches extra belt holes, just in case.

cartier bracelet: I love this bracelet. Y’all know I love a good arm party and this baby is a perfect addition to my stack. I ordered it in the 6.5 size, but want it to fit looser so I’m exchanging it for this bracelet. I think I’ll like this one better because it just has the Cartier Love logo instead.

hermes bracelet: Another piece of arm party yumminess. However, I wasn’t a fan of how it fit. It’s basically the same size as the cartier bracelet, but felt a lot tighter. It’s also kinda hard to put on and J had to figure out how to un-clasp it because it was like Fort Knox to get it open. So basically, it’s not my favorite. Even though it totally looks like a $400 bracelet, it isn’t worth the hassle to get it on and off.

karen walker sunnies: Raise your hand if you’ve seen bloggers talking about Karen Walker sunnies? *everyone raises their hand. Yep, I feel the same. It’s crazy how one little item can go viral in the blogging world and lately it’s been these. They are seriously adorable though, but I’ll settle for the $16 dupes. I love that I get two colors because more is more. Plus, they look so expensive. I haven’t worn them a bunch, but they seem sturdy and for $16, I’ll take my chances.

Here are the real deals. In case you’re in the mood to treat yourself. I’ll take one of each too.

real deals



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