favorite fall florals

Let’s get one thing straight. Florals are always in style, in my eyes. Y’all know I love my girly prints and florals have been a go-to for me, for a long time. Even when the seasons change, you can wear this pretty pattern year round. Keep it scrolling to see how I’m styling my favorite fall florals and 24 perfect pieces to add floral into your fall wardrobe. Of course, they’re all under $100 too.

There are seriously so many dreamy ways to wear fall florals. My favorites? With a leather jacket to be a little badass with a little feminine. Or  a chunky cardigan to layer up. Even with a denim jacket, because when don’t I wear a denim jacket. And definitely by itself as a show stopper as long as it’s warm outside!

I love this dress because the fit is so flattering. The fabric cuts to cinch in your waist and still gives you that good shape. Even better, it’s definitely twirl-worthy. P.s. it comes in regular, tall, and petite sizing.

I love that Asos carries sizes for literally every body, it makes it so much easier to find that perfect fit. I’m wearing the tall version, but didn’t need the extra length so I exchanged it for a regular size 14. So it definitely runs true to size.

I had to add in a touch of another fall trend, leopard. You can read more about how I’m wearing this trend right here. Just to up the trend factor and show off my shape a little more, I added this leopard belt that actually comes in a 3 pack. They are so easy to add onto an outfit, and add another layer or cinch in your oversized outfit.

I showed y’all my new shoes a couple weeks ago and I’ve been wearing them like crazy. I can’t be the only person that gets something new and wears it wayyyyy too much for the first couple of weeks. Right?

But these fringe babies are just that good. AND they’re on sale right now. It’s an (early) Christmas miracle! Also, y’all know I’m a forever sucker for a good bracelet stack, so I rounded up my fav rose gold bangles and it added the perfect rosey touch to my floral outfit. And any excuse I can get to wear my wedding earrings, you can count me in. They are so gorgeous and have the perfect amount of sparkle to dress things up in an instant.

(peep the drop of spray tan i missed on my foot.)

favorite fall floral picks
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