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Big Moments Are Happening!

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” – Arnold Toynbee

Don’t worry, I didn’t know who Arnold was before today either, but dang do his words hit home right now. I know sometimes it can get annoying when I thank you for following along or voting in a little poll on Instagram, but it’s seriously true. If you didn’t care about the sales I’m sharing or what new outfit I’m obsessed with, Keeping It Caitlin, wouldn’t be a thing.

But thank the Lord it is. Because big moments are happening, y’all.

The past 9 months of this blog haven’t always been dreamy. There have been posts and pictures I thought would blow everyone away, but have flopped. A few times that I’ve wanted to give up, but 100x more moments where I’ve felt like I could really do this thing.

I don’t know if I’ve put this goal out into the universe yet, but I want to turn this little blog into my job and little moments like these are amazing building blocks along the way. That will definitely be the biggest of all my big moments.

Okay, I’m getting down to it, I promise.

So, I was just accepted into RewardStyle. For the non-blogger obsessed, it’s pretty much a super exclusive program that you have to apply (multiple times usually) for.

And I’m in y’all! Don’t worry, it’s going to make shopping my Instagram and posts waaaaay easier for YOU and me.

So, you can download the App and follow me on there. If you see something I post on Instagram that you want to shop, you take a screenshot, and it sends you over to the App to shop. It’s effortless.

Even if you don’t screenshot as you’re scrolling through. You can always browse the app and you’ll see my recent posts if you follow me.

Y’all I’m so excited for this big moment and all the big moments to come. Like the big league babes are a part of RewardStyle and I got picked???! I can’t even.

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