fav texas spots

Sometimes I forget that not everyone lives in a state that can take you 12 hours to get across. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Texas has so many perfect spots for weekend trips, relaxing getaway’s, and everything in between. J and I have become sort of Texas travel connoisseurs and we’re sharing our fav Texas spots below. (in no particular order.)

  1. Luckenbach, TX. Thank you Willie and Waylon for making this little town a Texas monument. It’s not far from Fredericksburg and is a must see spot for an afternoon brew. J and I stopped by for a cold one a couple years ago. They also have concerts all the time, which makes the little town even more worthy of a stop.Look at those baby faces.  Speaking of Fredericksburg, it’s my favorite place to antique shop. You can buy local wine, take wine tours, and it’s just the sweetest little spot.

2. Houston, TX. I figured it should be on here since we live here. In all seriousness, I’ve actually grown to love (certain) parts of this city. Below is us celebrating at Harold’s when we finally decided Houston would be our home. Some of our favorite Houston spots? Anywhere in the Heights is perfection. Including Fat Cat creamery, which is my favorite ice cream ever. B&B’s Butcher Shop is to-die-for (especially during restaurant week), and Karbach Brewery is right down the street from us and we love that spot.

3. Tyler, TX. Small town East Texas at it’s finest. Tyler is growing so much and isn’t too far from Dallas, making it a perfect day trip out of the city. Obviously, Lake Tyler is our favorite spot. Just look at the view below. There are so many darling boutiques, like this one and the best food of your life is at Villa Montez.

4. Gruene Hall. Another Hill Country must-see spot. There is so much history at this spot and all throughout the town New Braunfels. It’s one of my favorite places in Texas to just walk around and shop and enjoy life. It’s that good.

5. Austin, TX. Duh. You can read all about our most recent trip to Austin here. I can never get enough. Also, can we take a moment for the Wagyu beef hot stone dish at Lucky Robot? Yes, it was as good as it looks in the picture.

6. Dallas, TX. “Home is where the heart is” has never been truer. I miss Dallas like no other and all my favorite people that live there. I could write a whole post just on everything Dallas, but for now, I’ll keep it to the essentials. Visit Nebraska Furniture Mart for an afternoon (or the whole day). Eat damn good barbeque at Pecan Lodge. Shop at Northpark Mall and have lunch at Neiman’s. See Cowboy Stadium. Cry happy tears because you’re in Dallas. Yep, I think I covered it all. 

7. Wimberley, TX. We spent our honeymoon at the cutest Airbnb, visited Jacob’s Well, ate like the locals, and I of course, shopped my tail off. Wimberley is so quaint and a perfect spot for weekend relaxation.

8. Nacogdoches, TX. I literally forgot to put this place on the list because in my mind, it’s a given. How could I not absolutely love the place that gave me some of my very best friends, memories, and of course, J. Besides being the home of the best place to attend college, SFA, it has the best people, and the cutest downtown. Downtown Nac is one of my fav spots, ever. Shopping at Macy May and Spring and Prince, is a must. J was a frequent flyer at Miller’s Point and anywhere you eat is going to be soooo good. Honestly, this tiny town is probably one of the best places I’ll ever go.

So, there’s my little roundup of my fav Texas spots, y’all. I can’t wait for this weekend’s adventure in my fav Texas spot. The Big D.



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