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I have never really considered myself a bag lady, until I added a new bag to my closet yesterday. As I was shopping, I realized I don’t really have a “statement” bag in my closet, but lots of neutrals. My new red beauty inspired me to share my must have bags you need to have in your closet. And they are all under $200.

The Tote Bag

Hello, catch-all bag. This is perfect for work, school, and weekends. We all have that purse that we toss everything into and it’s even better when it all fits. If you use your tote bag daily, consider treating yourself to an investment must have bag. You’re going to get well over your worth if you use it all the time. This Madewell bag below is a perfect example. Tighter budget? The rich color of the Nordstrom tote is just as good as it’s price tag.

The Crossbody Bag

This bag takes me back to college. When the weekend hit, you could always find girls with one of these glued to their side. It makes the most sense though, it’s lightweight, compact, and big enough for your essentials. Don’t worry, I still go out in this post-grad phase and still use crossbody bags all the time. The Rebecca Minkoff bag below is so popular right now and who can resist that pop of leopard? Not me, that’s for sure.

The Clutch

I’ll be the first to admit, I never really had a clutch until recently. I feel like it’s more of an adult thing, and I guess I hit that adult stage because I’ve been using this bag as a clutch all summer long. These are seriously perfect for anything from brunch to weddings and they’re a perfect way to add a bold pop to your look. I’m seriously in love with all of these. The bold, purple Gigi New York clutch is drool-worthy,  but they are all killer clutches.

The Weekend Bag

How fun is it to go on weekend trips? I know they’re my fav. What’s even better is when you look cute while traveling to your destination. I love my weekend bag and take it on every overnight trip. It’s so sturdy, roomy, and pretty. All these weekend bags below definitely hit the mark for a perfect weekend bag. If you travel at all, a weekender bag is definitely a must have bag.

The Statement Bag

This category is inspired by my latest purchase. I realized  that I always go for the “safer” option and usually pick a neutral. I have seen this bag a couple times before and when I saw it yesterday, I knew it was coming home with me. These are all definitely statement pieces that are total head-turners in any situation. Everyone deserves to have at least one statement bag, it’s a must have bag.

Don’t mind the purple dumpster in the back. Just keepin’ it real. You can shop my new delicious bag right here. It comes in another color too. Also, my under $25 dress that I’m loving.
P.S. I got mine at the Kate Spade outlet and paid under $120, so if you are near an outlet store I highly recommend you pop in for the best prices. 

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