anniversary in austin

I’m finally getting around to sharing a little recap of one of my favorite weekends ever. Seriously. When J and I got back, we looked at each other and said “Dang, that was better than the honeymoon”, and it really was. Austin is just so much fun. I grew up going there on trips with my family so I am familiar with different areas, but it’s so fun to explore with Jackson.

So, I’m sharing a little recap of our anniversary in Austin. From start to finish. And if y’all have any good spots you love in Austin, comment on the blog! I’m always up for new places.

First, Austin is the perfect getaway in Texas. If you don’t live in Texas, you have to realize it’s hard as heck for us to get out of this state. Literally, it takes like 10 hours just to leave Texas sometimes. From Houston, Austin is just over 2 hours away so it’s the perfect getaway destination.

Where We Stayed

This was Jackson’s “surprise” for me. He gets intimidated to surprise me with things/he can’t keep an secret so this was a big deal for him. We stayed at the Hotel Indigo and loved it. It was walking distance to a lot of different places and had a dreamy pool with cabanas. It’s close to 6th street, which wasn’t my fav, but the room and everything else was amazing. The Highlight: Eating wedding cake for breakfast, in bed.



Where We Went

My big surprise for J was a tour of Still Austin. Highly recommend if you or whoever you’re with is a whiskey drinker. If you’ve been around Keeping It Caitlin for a while, you know J loves his whiskey. When we pulled up, he was so excited. We did the tour, drank the whiskey, bought the whiskey, and everything in between. It’s such a cool place to go and check out. They have the cutest outdoor area¬†complete with food trucks, too.

My second surprise was a reservation at the Midnight Cowboy. COOLEST PLACE EVER. It’s a true speakeasy that is reservation only and has the most delicious cocktails. It’s ran by this badass girl (girl power) and is so detailed from the decor to the drinks.


I promise we aren’t alcoholics haha. J’s college drinking has just grown up into a love for sophisticated evening beverages. ūüôā

I know it’s a little basic, but I can’t help it. I LOVE SoCo. It just speaks to me. South Congress has always been my “spot” in Austin and this time was no different. Everything from Magnolia Cafe, to our favItalian spot, all the shopping, and the amazing view of the capital. It’s all right there. Everything is so funky down there and it has the best vibe. If you’re in Austin, spend a half day just walking up and down South Congress. You won’t be disappointed.


P.S. if you do anything, eat at our fav spot. My dad took my family there a couple times, then J and I ate there on our way to the honeymoon, and we made sure we came back this time. It’s so ridiculously good.

Of course I can’t go anywhere without a little (or a lot of ) shopping. I can’t rave enough about my¬†fabulous pieces¬†I¬†found¬†at ModCloth. I know y’all heard about it in this post, but it was just the coolest store experience.

For our anniversary dinner, that was supposed to be a surprise, we went to Roaring Fork Downtown. Proof J can’t keep a secret haha. He gets too nervous that I won’t like what he picked and ends up telling¬†me to make sure¬†I’ll like it. He¬†forgets that I’m never going to be disappointed with his surprises. **Knocks on wood.¬†But it was SO good.¬†It wasn’t far from our hotel, which was perfect and was the best spot for a nice dinner.


We didn’t do any adventurous stuff this time because we just wanted to explore, but check out Cypress Valley Canopy tours if you’re wanting something outside of the city. Such a fun experience.

I feel like I just shared everywhere we like to eat and shop, but that’s what vacation is all about right? I love taking y’all along with me and sharing the things that J and I love to do. Stay tuned for more adventures.

Where should we go next?



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