disco queen

I have been so excited to share this look with y’all. From beginning to end. Because everyone deserves to feel like a disco queen, right?

When J and I were in Austin, we stumbled upon the ModCloth store downtown. I knew I had to go. I have never bought anything from ModCloth, but am a frequent browser. I just have never taken the plunge. Usually, I like to shop online at stores that I’ve shopped at in person too. If that makes sense. So, I obviously took the opportunity to check it out in real life.

P.S. the whole store is on sale right now. 

Best. Decision. Ever. For a couple of reasons. The in-store experience is sooo unique. There are sample sizes in every piece they have.  You get a little clipboard and write down what you want to try on so you aren’t walking around with your hands full of clothes, and they get everything for you to try on. Another reason I loved shopping in store is the chance to love something I probably wouldn’t notice online. I saw this super soft shirt and had to have it, but there’s something about getting to try it on and feel how amazing it is in person. Let me tell you, I felt like a true queen.

Speaking of queen, can we just stop and take in how perfect this “Queen of the Disco” look is for summer? It’s such a fun outfit that you can dress up or down.


I sized up in the top so it would be loose-fitting, but for a more snug fit, stay true to size. Like I said earlier, it’s soooo soft. And really flattering for being a tee.

Do y’all remember when I said I hate wearing denim shorts? Yep, I take it back now. I saw these Wrangler shorts and loved them, but I was so nervous to try them on because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Forever glad I took a leap of faith because these will be around for a long time. I know it sounds dramatic, but can’t everyone relate to being so let down in the dressing room? It’s the worst.

They are ultra flattering, high-waisted, and the perfect wash. I’m obsessed and you will be too. I am wearing a size 16, so they’re true to size. If you want a looser fit, size up.

You can shop my earrings and sandals here, too. My sandals are back in stock y’all!

  So, meet you at the disco, queen?

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