back to the basics

Back to the Basics

Let’s get back to the basics. I’ve been thinking lately about why I originally started Keeping It Caitlin. I think about it often, but more about what outfit I’m going to post or what sales I can share with y’all. I’ve grown to focus on the surface details of this adventure and lost touch with the deeper meaning of this little site.

When I started Keeping It Caitlin, I said it would be a place where we keep things real. And yes, while most of my pictures are un-edited, it’s not always reality and I am working on getting back to the basics in that category. Y’all know by now that obviously I’m not always dressed up just hanging out in front of my fav picture spot (the garage), waiting for J to take my picture. I’m usually doing the opposite, but makeup-less, bra-less, and not so trendy pictures don’t get likes. Y’all only really see that on my Instagram stories, which I’m also going to be better at!

That’s where the fun part of growing Keeping It Caitlin has stopped for me a couple times. Trying so hard to take the perfect picture that everyone will relate to and like is a lot more exhausting than you would think. It’s definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be. Growing a following has been even harder and every lost follower or un-flattering picture can chip you down more and more.

Even worse, when that picture doesn’t get as many likes or that post doesn’t get as many views, I go into comparison mode. Don’t we all? Whether you have a blog or not, we all do it. We’ve got one picture to share how fun, cool, successful, or great our life is and that’s a lot of pressure for a lot of people. Including me and I want to get back to the basics.

This quote has been the best reminder I need to hear.

“Don’t compare your beginnings to someone else’s middle.” – Tim Hiller

Isn’t it so true though? I have spent a lot of time valuing my self-esteem on likes, my dress size, what my car looks like, where I live, and so many other things. I think everyone has things that make them feel less-than, but we forget that we don’t know everyone’s story. They could be hiding a lot of sadness behind their picture-perfect social media. They could be in mountains of debt from buying a new house. We never know. And they only know you on the surface too.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Keeping It Caitlin and so appreciate the love y’all have shown me. Just one person messaging me saying they bought something I shared makes this all worth it.

Spend time making your life the best life it can be, because that’s all you can do. Whatever stage of life you’re in, everyday is your new beginning. Don’t let comparison get in the way of loving yourself and those around you. Nothing is worth that.

P.S. This tunic top is on major sale and it’s magical. Like Mumu, but you’ll still be able to afford to eat after the purchase. 🙂 



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