studded gems

My love for shoes never runs dry, that’s one thing y’all can always count on me to deliver. And these studded gems are no different. Best part? The price tag is heavenly. Trust me, your summer outfits need these sandals.

First off, I’m usually a little weary to buy boutique shoes because I’m the president of the Chubby Feet Club. But I just had to try out these studded babes. They have been selling out SO fast, but they get restocked often. I couldn’t not share them with y’all because they’re so worth the waitlist. Here are two super similar pairs if you just can’t wait for mine. One and Two.

These studded gems give a seriously high end feel and are a perfect statement for a simple tee and shorts or a sundress for brunch with the gals.

They’re good. And don’t judge my feet. I learned that you probably shouldn’t take pictures of your feet after work for your blog. Life lessons y’all.

If you follow along on Instagram, which you should, you know it’s been a bumpy ride lately. But, your support means the world. Yes, you reading this. And if I could give you a big hug through the screen, I totally would.

So, just know y’all are amazing. AND stay tuned because I’m sharing a bunch of good things in the upcoming weeks. Don’t forget that even when I post to Instagram, I link what I’m wearing here!

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