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I am a firm believer that having a nice tan glow boosts confidence ten-fold, especially in the summer. Every time I have sun-kissed skin I feel like I can conquer the world, it’s the best feeling. I want y’all to have those summer glow feelings too, so I’m sharing my go-to summer glow products.

I mean look at those legs y’all.

Anyways, bed tanning is so 90’s. Skin cancer anyone? There are so many ways to safely get bronzed, but my go-to is at home sunless tanning. It’s just easier for me because I usually do it right before bed. It’s also usually the less expensive route, however it isn’t always the easiest to do on yourself, but after a couple times you’ll work it out.

There has been a lot of trial and error with different products I’ve tested over the years. I am in love with my go-to summer glow products, but there was a time when I tried something new and looked like a giraffe the next day. Doesn’t almost everyone has a tanning horror story?

I have two favorite brand when it comes to my go-to summer glow products. Just a disclaimer, I am not a self-tanning expert. These products work wonders for me, but read reviews or see if they’ll work on your skin type just in case.

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They are both amazing summer glow products, but they have a couple things that make them stand apart. I like that Loving Tan Express only takes 2 hours, so if you’re last minutes (like me), it will save you in a pinch.

Also, Loving Tan has a back tanning mitt that I would totally recommend if you don’t have someone to reach those hard spots.

St. Tropez is a better deal, usually, and I love their tan extending moisturizer. It smells amazing and really makes your tan last longer.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with any of the go-to summer glow products. Just make sure you follow the directions and maybe watch a video or two. Lastly, in the words of my girl Miranda Lambert, “tan fat is better than pale fat”.





  1. Been self tanning since college. Yes, they had it way back then. I highly suggest a mit to apply.

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