birthday boy.

Hey y’ all, Happy Thursday! It’s no ordinary Thursday though and this will be no ordinary post. It’s my 3rd birthday today, which means I’m really turning 21. I’m so excited to be the birthday boy. So, I wanted to share a few things with y’all since my mom normally does this. So, for my birthday I’m sharing 10 things about me, so you can get to know the fluffiest member of the Cunningham family.

1. My mom and I met when I was just 6 weeks old and we’ve grown up a lot since then. She rescued me and we’ve been best friends ever since. We have been through a lot together, even college. Now, we live in a big city and it’s not my favorite, but I love chasing big cars and construction workers.

2. My life motto: “No New Friends”. Honestly, Drake said it best, but I really only like a special select group of people. Mostly the people I’ve known since I was a puppy. I’m super protective over my mom so new people aren’t my jam.

3. My mom is my favorite person ever. Some people say we have an unhealthy relationship because I hate doing life without her, but it’s just because I love her so much. Sometimes I don’t even get excited when my dad comes home from work because I’m still just waiting for my #1 to get home. I mean being a momma’s boy isn’t so bad.

4. My favorite food is sweet potatoes or pizza. I even know the sound of a pizza box opening, so I always come running and can’t stop jumping up and down. Sometimes, I even start drooling because it just looks so good. I love pizza, but when the vet tells me to watch my weight, I dig in on the sweet potatoes. But the birthday boy always gets a busy bone and I can’t wait!

5. I’m part corgi, part heeler. When my mom rescued me, they said I was half corgi, half blue heeler, but mom and dad aren’t so sure. They sometimes think I’m part red heeler, but either way I’m definitely corgi and heeler. I have big heeler ears and heeler coloring, but with a corgi body. Don’t worry I can still run faster than you with these little legs.

6. I love to cuddle. Ever since my mom brought me home, we love cuddling. I let my mom rest her head on me sometimes, but I really love to plop down next to her and cuddle. My favorite is laying between mom and dad under the covers like a human and letting them pet me. It’s the best and I always get extra cuddles when I’m the birthday boy. It’s just a good day to be me.

7. I like to think I’m pretty smart. My Mimi loves to teach me new tricks and I always pick up on them really fast. I even have puzzles that I do for treats and they’re so easy. I know I have to do tricks for a treat so I usually just combine all my tricks into one so I can eat!

8.  I kinda have big, white teeth for my small body. I know my mom likes to be transparent with y’all, so I wanted to do the same. I used to be insecure about it, but I embrace it now and I have a killer smile to show for it.

9. My favorite toy is all my toys. Seriously, I can’t get enough. Every month I get a new Bark Box and those become my favorite toys. I keep all my other ones around the house, but right now I’m loving the seagull and pirate that I got last week.

10. My favorite activity is going on a walk. My parents picked the best neighborhood because it’s filled with cats and other dogs so going on a walk is fun. I love to try and chase the cats, but love seeing my frienemies at each house. I like to make sure they know who is boss, but try to stay a little friendly.

So, now you know all about me just like you know a lot about my mom. I’m a pretty special birthday boy.




  1. Happy Birthday Brewer! We hope your day was filled with squirrel chasing and pizza treats!

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