summer favorite

Every season, I have that one piece in my closet that I always reach for and this dress is my summer favorite. From graduations, birthdays, baby showers, crawfish boils, and more. I always reach for my seasonal favorite, and no I’m not talking about ice cream, I’m talking about this perfect Free People dress.

I snagged this babe last week on sale and shared it on my insta-story. Speaking of insta, go follow me if you haven’t already! Anyways, I had been looking at it for a while, but of course, pulled the trigger when I saw it was on sale.


Pro tip: I’m linking it here and there’s a code on the site for an extra 30% off, but it’s also here and here.

It’s become a summer favorite for me already and it might show up in my closet in black too.

First, it’s so comfortable. It’s super breezy and loose, which is perfect for Texas summers. The less clothing touching you the better you feel in the blazing heat. I love that it’s flowy so you don’t have to worry about sucking it in after a couple pounds of crawfish and margs. That always makes life way easier.


Second, the details make it an instant summer favorite. They basically speak for themselves, but the details are so sweet on this dress. The blue embroidery is super summer-y and the perfect amount of color. It has ruffle sleeves, which are right on trend. Also, it’s button up so you can wear a cute bralette under and show it off. Magic.

Basically we all need to be walking around wearing this super sweet summer favorite because it’s just that good.



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