bar cart essentials

Having a house is only fun if you get to decorate it, right? And a bar cart only looks good if you have the perfect bar cart essentials, right? Seriously, one of my favorite parts of life is getting to make a space feel like home, even my desk is a reflection of that. So, when the bar cart trend rolled around, literally, I jumped on board. It’s become a statement piece in our home so I had to share all my bar cart essentials with y’all too!

Adding a bar cart to your space doesn’t have to cost you a bunch. It’s easy to get distracted by all the super expensive pieces, but you can always make your space look like a 10 for an actual $10. Y’all know that’s my niche.

So, here are all my bar cart essentials.

  1. Bar cart: This is an obvious,  but deciding which one isn’t. Our exact bar cart is actually on sale right now HERE and so are some of our bar cart essentials. I love that ours is more masculine because I can add more feminine accessories to balance it out. Some other great places to look for a bar cart are Wayfair for any budget and West Elm for a higher budget.
  2. Books: Weird, but so true. I swear coffee table books can add so much to any space. I’m addicted to them. This is a perfect way to add height to your cart and show off different things. I have a mix of fun books and bar-related books on mine. I always find the best books HERE.
  3. Knick-Knacks: Y’all already know I love a good knick-knack from this post. It’s no different on the bar cart and they’re seriously a bar cart essential. I picked mine up at Home Goods, but this store HERE has something similar and is knick-knack heaven. If you live in or near Houston, I highly recommend going. Also, I have a big decorative box on my cart that I found at Home Goods to hold napkins, but I found other really cute boxes HERE and HERE.
  4. Alcohol: Duh. I mean you can’t have a bar cart without alcohol. That’s not right at all. So, I leave this “task” up to J and he never lets me down. He’s on a big whiskey kick currently so that’s helped fill out our cart. And if nothing else, this is the biggest bar car essential.
  5. Bar Tools: Even if you don’t know how to use them, they look good. We’ve acquired a couple bar tools over time that are practical and pretty. The best of both worlds. We have this cocktail shaker and this muddler. Target and Williams-Sonoma are definitely the places to go for bar tools.
  6. Drink Essentials: This really includes the glasses and everything that goes with it. J has a decanter and glasses that go with it. We also have wine glasses hanging and the infamous hurricane glass from Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans. Priorities. But, one of my favorite bar cart essentials are THESE drink stirrers. They are SO perfect. My sister gave them to J and we’re obsessed with this brand now. pro tip: Look at all their other bar stuff. SO cute.

So, now you’ve got a darling bar cart, all the essentials to style it, and the tools to make a cocktail. What else do you really need? 



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