new goal new favs

J and I set some goals for the New Year, like everyone else, but I’m all about setting goals we can actually achieve. So, we’ve been cracking down on our eating habits and focusing on cutting out carbs and processed sugar.

And yes, I do have dreams about diving into a big bowl of pasta.

J has been amazing and did a bunch of meal prepping so it’s even easier to make the right choices everyday. I’m seriously so lucky to have that gem around. He even put all our salads in mason jars. So cute.


 But, if you know me at all, you know I’m basically addicted to ice cream. Not in the way of like “oh yeah I love ice cream”. It’s more of an “I can eat ice cream for every meal and eat it almost every single day” kinda feeling. It’s just so dang good. I usually eat it like 5 nights a week, which is ridiculous. The first step is admitting it, right?

I’ve tried other “ice cream” before like Halo Top and it’s just not my jam, at all. I eat Skinny Cow and it’s delish, but it’s still not super good for you.

And then J brought home my new Holy Grail.


Enter Enlightened ice cream bars.

These actually taste like ice cream, but have more protein and less sugar in them. I’m obsessed. J got them from HEB, but if you can find where they sell Enlightened near you, here.

So far, we have tried the peanut butter chocolate chip and the sea salt caramel and I could die for either one. Take it from an ice cream connoisseur. You need these in your life. I can’t wait to try all the other flavs and will keep y’all updated.



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