holiday gift guide:guys

It’s finally acceptable for all the Christmas decor to be up and I’m pumped. (even though I’ve been sneaking into my home for the last couple of weeks.) And it’s finally time to get some gifts under the tree. I love spoiling everyone in my life, but I especially love buying gifts for my husband. There is something so special about knowing a person well enough to get them a gift they will truly enjoy.

However, buying for your guy isn’t always the easiest.

My biggest tip is to pay attention to what they say. This honestly goes for everyone, but for the men in your life, especially. Guys aren’t always the best about knowing what they want (in all aspects), but if you tune in every once and a while, there’s a chance they’ll mention something they want. Usually J sees stuff he wants on tv or in a Harbor Freights ad. And if you don’t know what Harbor Freights is, consider yourself lucky. 🙂

But if you are lucky enough to have a man who circles his picks in the Nordstrom ad or sends you links to his wishlist, here’s some ideas for gifts that will surprise him. Going above and beyond during the holiday season is always appreciated.

p.s. all picks have been approved by J, so you know they’re good.

  1. Jackson’s favorite polo is soooo comfortable and breathable. It’s not a typical polo, it’s a cool polo, literally.
  2. Everyone loves a good monthly subscription box. This gentleman’s box is like stitch fix for your man. You can chose from different accessories and products and it reminds them of your thoughtful gift all year round.
  3. I’m personally in love with this backpack. It’s perfect for school, work or travel and they’ll look good toting it.
  4. Jack Black mens care is the bomb. It smells amazing and works like a charm. And guys are the only ones who don’t get offended at getting soap for christmas, so take advantage.
  5. I found this college stadium blueprint and instantly thought of man cave perfection. It’s a perfect addition to any sports lovers den. Also geaux tigers.
  6. socks are an old faithful stocking stuffer, but you can find so many cute ones at so many places. It’s a perfect way for guys to spice up their everyday work outfits.
  7. Shoes can be a tricky gift, but if you know their size I highly recommend these shoes. J has a pair and loves them. They’re trendy and can be dressed up or down.

well y’all, i hope this just checked a few men off your present list. happy shopping.


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