fall trends: part two

Eventually I’ll stop thanking you for reading, but currently everything is a milestone for this blog. So THANK YOU for liking this blog enough to come back and read a post AGAIN. It warms my heart. but let’s get down to it.

A few days ago, I shared a couple fall trends and wanted to share a few more with y’all, just to spread the love. Yhis post is all about over the knee boots and suede. You might be scrolling down and thinking “but caitlin, I can see your knees so how are these over the knee boots?” and I would say “thick thighs can’t hide”. Which is true. And also because whether these boots are over or under, they are the BOMB. My husband actually bought them for me last fall and I wear them religiously. They go with everything and people comment on them every time I have them on. And what more could a girl ask for? I’ve linked a couple more options here and here, even though finding a pair of over the knee boots is like finding rhinestones in a sorority house, they’re everywhere.

This skirt is the perfect piece that can go from work to werk, if ya know what I mean. Even though I just bought it from loft a couple weeks ago, I can’t find it online anymore, weird. So, I linked two similar ones from loft here and here. It’s super flattering and the zipper details are the perfect touch. If you haven’t already noticed, I have a thing for texture, so layering is my jam. Except when I’m lazy and being cute and layer-y just isn’t in the cards. But the different details in the skirt make it the perfect layering piece. Think oversized sweater, this skirt, fun tights, and booties. Versatile and layered in a pinch.

This dress/jacket is one of those pieces that you always thank yourself for buying. I bought it  when I worked like 500 feet from an anthropologie which kickstarted my dangerous addiction to anthro. They don’t carry it anymore, but I linked a few similar ones here and here. The best part is that you can button it up and wear it with a slip or wear it open like I did with this outfit. Anything versatile instantly justifies the purchase, at least for me.

thanks for sticking around y’all. it means the most.


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