studded gems

studded gems

My love for shoes never runs dry, that’s one thing y’all can always count on me to deliver. And these studded gems are no different. Best part? The price tag is heavenly. Trust me, your summer outfits need these sandals. First off, I’m usually a little weary to buy boutique shoes because I’m the president… Read More

go-to summer glow products

I am a firm believer that having a nice tan glow boosts confidence ten-fold, especially in the summer. Every time I have sun-kissed skin I feel like I can conquer the world, it’s the best feeling. I want y’all to have those summer glow feelings too, so I’m sharing my go-to summer glow products. I… Read More

mother’s day gifts.

What do you give the one person who has given you everything? Every year I want to give my mama the very best because of all she’s done for me. Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts isn’t always the easiest, but I curated the best gifts for all types of mamas out there. So spoil away,… Read More

cinco outfit mamacita.

cinco outfit mamacita.

There’s a holiday Texans love to celebrate probably more than the natives themselves, good old Cinco de Mayo. Maybe it’s the extra excuse to enjoy tacos and tequila or the celebratory chips and queso. Either way, I’ve always loved Cinco de Mayo and dressing for it is even better. So, I’m sharing my favorite Cinco… Read More

birthday boy.

Hey y’ all, Happy Thursday! It’s no ordinary Thursday though and this will be no ordinary post. It’s my 3rd birthday today, which means I’m really turning 21. I’m so excited to be the birthday boy. So, I wanted to share a few things with y’all since my mom normally does this. So, for my… Read More

Little White Dress

The Little Black Dress is an iconic piece. I mean “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” kind of iconic. However, the other half of the LBD is a darling Little White Dress, which happens to be my favorite of the two. You can truly never go wrong with an LWD. For every occasion that is perfect for a… Read More

summer favorite

summer favorite

Every season, I have that one piece in my closet that I always reach for and this dress is my summer favorite. From graduations, birthdays, baby showers, crawfish boils, and more. I always reach for my seasonal favorite, and no I’m not talking about ice cream, I’m talking about this perfect Free People dress. I… Read More

loft sale picks

Y’all know by now, Loft is a go-to for me. It’s just so good sometimes. Perfect prints, inclusive sizing, and amazing sales, I mean what else do you need? Speaking of amazing sales, their whole store is on sale. So, I’m spreading the love and sharing my favorite Loft sale picks. Use the code: FRIENDS… Read More

bar cart essentials

Having a house is only fun if you get to decorate it, right? And a bar cart only looks good if you have the perfect bar cart essentials, right? Seriously, one of my favorite parts of life is getting to make a space feel like home, even my desk is a reflection of that. So,… Read More